Kobe Digital Labo Inc.

Japanese Cutting-Edge Tech Laboratory.


Company name Kobe Digital Labo Inc.
Representative Representative Director Ichiro Nagayoshi
Location Headquarters
Shin-Crescent Building 5F, 72 Kyomachi, Chuo-ku Kobe-shi, Hyogo, 650-0034 JAPAN
phone +81-78-327-2280 / facsimile +81-78-327-2278
Establishment October 1995
Business Contents IT Consulting Service, System Development / Operation / Maintenance, Web Promotion, Cloud Service, Smart Device Application Development, Information Security Service, Advanced Technology Development


Restarting after
the earthquake disaster was
the beginning of everything.

Ichiro Nagayoshi

Kobe Digital Labo Inc.
Representative Director

Ichiro Nagayoshi

Kobe Digital Labo Inc. was established in Kobe in October of 1995, the year of the Great Hanshin Awaji Earthquake. 1995 was also a symbolic year for the ICT industry.

In late November, Windows 95 was released and it became an unprecedented success and PC became the dominant computer system.
In addition, in the same year, the first internet access point opened in Kobe and everyone was able to access the internet freely.
From Kobe Foreign Language University, which had the internet installed early on after the earthquake disaster, the scene of the disaster was fed all over the world and people from all around the globe were astonished at the magnitude of the damage.
Ironically, this disaster was the key to spreading the internet in Japan.

However, at the same time, PCs and networks changed the computer system market into an open and fair market.
From now on, what we need to compete with is other than a thing. It will be knowledge, technology and competitiveness. There will always be a need.
This is what decided the establishment of the company.

In the beginning it was only me and three part time workers.
Initially, we worked on producing homepages, and designing and producing system interfaces and gradually went on to business system development.
Having gone through this process, KDL has grown into a company highly evaluated as a research/development type company strong in both planning/designing and software technology.

Our mission is to make the business world that spreads with the internet more enjoyable, more convenient and safer.
In the future, we will continue to be attuned to the needs of the times and continue to be a company carrying out research and development being at the forefront to serve our customers.

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