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Future Prediction Technology

Mobile and Socialized Systems

New technology enabling deep data analytics as a tool for future prediction.

What is the Mobile and Socialized Systems (MSS)?

The Mobile and Socialized Systems (MSS) uses a relatedness database to build up knowledge of the relatedness of all elements in human activities. The main focus of the system is relatedness technology for application in a variety of purposes.
"Big data" is a key concept to keep in mind when deciding whether massive amounts of unsorted data have any value. However, determining which information is relevant and then using it effectively is very hard when faced with so much data.

One way to simplify this is using mobile and socialized systems to visualize various forms of data as a relatedness graph illustrating the positional relation of each element and how these elements relate to and affect each other. The relatedness graph also derives valuable information such as potential needs that cannot be found using conventional analytic methods and insight into how such values change. Predicting the future in this manner can serve many purposes such as encouraging quick decision-making regarding business strategies and foreseeing the risk of illnesses or accidents.


What is Relatedness Technology?

Relatedness technology is a technology that quantifies physical information expressed by movement history, geographic relation, and potential relatedness among people, places, things, and machines from online sources such as Web browsing history and SNS logs.
This technology forms relatedness from any and all data: movement logs, usage logs, Web data, etc. The formed relatedness information is piled anew in a relatedness database and extracted to sort out elements as necessary.


Relatedness graph

Relatedness is expressed as a graph, as shown below. Each element extracted by original data are shown as nodes and and connections as links connecting nodes. The strength of connections is shown with the thickness and length of the lines.


About Mobile and Socialized Systems Forum (MSSF)

The Mobile and Socialized Systems Forum was established in September 2011 as a platform for promoting services using relatedness technology for business. Currently in the forum, participating organizations jointly develop and conduct demonstration experiments and share the results in various fields with the aim of commercialization.