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Information Security


  • Web Application Assessments
  • Android Application Assessments
  • iOS Application Assessments

What is ProactiveDefense?

Proactive Defense provides top-tier information security assessment services. Thanks to its multinational, GIAC-certified bilingual team, Proactive Defense is uniquely positioned to assist companies with their information security needs in areas such as web application security, network security, Android and iOS security, incident response, digital forensics, targeted attack counter measures, and security policy consultation.


What can ProactiveDefense do?

(1) Web Application Assessments

Web application assessments test the security of clients' web sites (often called "web applications") to locate problems that could lead to data theft as well as operational failure. Our testing methodology covers the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) Top 10 international recommendations.

We conduct assessment reporting on two fronts: mid-assessment and post-assessment.

Mid-assessment reporting takes place during the testing and we will report to the clients if any critical vulnerabilities are detected. These are typically vulnerabilities that must be handled immediately in order to protect valuable data.

Post-assessment reporting is our final report to the client, encompassing all security issues discovered during the testing. Not only we provide you with a printed findings report, upon request we can hold an on-site meeting with the client's team to go through the report and deliver the full-featured support our clients.

While the time required for proper testing depends greatly on the structure and scope of the given web application, the minimum testing time is roughly one week.

image_pr2.jpg (2) Android/iOS Application Assessments

Android/iOS application assessments test the security of client-developed Android/iOS applications and back-end systems to locate problems that could lead to user data theft, operational failure, and even corporate security compromises. Our testing methodology incorporates the most cutting-edge research being conducted in the Android/iOS security space, and keeps pace with advances made by the most recent versions of the OS.