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Wearable Device Utilization


  • Health Care Support
  • Communication support
  • Aging and Handicapped Care Support

What is WearAssist ?

The concept of the WearAssist application is to assist and improve your day to day activities such as real-time language translation, GPS/map navigation or even for medical purposes i.e. heart rate monitoring, facial recognition, food intake and exercise journal according to the user's health records.
Using our information technologies that we have cultivated in the Japanese market, we focus on wearable devices as the smart device for the next generation and started to develop WearAssist.
WearAssist not only benefits us in reducing the language barrier, wellness and health care, it has also transformed the way we live in many ways. With this wearable technology, WearAssist can act as your intelligent walking assistant which will help you tackle daily challenges in a smarter way.


What can WearAssist do ?

Menu Recognition

From textual data in a menu, you can get the translations and information of each menu such as salt content, calories and food allergen by using smart glasses.

Image recognitiontranslationOPEN DATA image6.jpg

Safety Confirmation System linked to devices

Smart wristwatches can inform your smart glasses by sending an alert if the person wearing the watch has exceeded the permitted distance.

GPSDevice to Device image7.jpg

Location based notifications

Using smart glasses, you can see information about accommodations nearby, tourist attractions, public transportations and also about barrier-free facilities. (S: not sure what is the barrier free facilities....?

GPSOPEN DATA image8.jpg

Facility guidance by virtual reality

*developed by RAPTECH PTE.LTD.

By viewing facilities through virtual reality, you can understand the layout in the most detailed and easy manner.

Virtual Reality image9.jpg

Simultaneous translation
(under development)

Between "WearAssist" applications using smart glasses, you can communicate with people in different languages by simultaneous translation. This technology is provided by NICT voice translating technology.

Voice recognitiontranslation image10.jpg