KDL to cooperate with Rwandan Technical-Professional school in information technology assistance

Kobe Digital Labo to cooperate with Rwandan Technical-Professional school in information technology assistance
-With a purpose of promotional support and market development in African economy-

Kobe Digital Labo Inc. (head office location: Chuo-ku Kobe city, Hyogo prefecture; representative director and president: Ichiro Nagayoshi, hereinafter referred to as KDL) is going to cooperate with Tumba College of Technology (location: Kigali city, Rwanda; Principal: Eng. GATABAZI Pascal, hereinafter referred to as TCT), which is supported by Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), from 2017 in information technology assistance aiming at developing business in Africa. With a regular remote communication between KDL and TCT, the cooperation intends to support TCT teachers to improve their software development technology. Through this cooperation, TCT aims to cultivate many personnel resources with high technology by learning practical technologies from KDL, whereas KDL intends to develop its business and to collect information regarding current status of sites in Africa which has attracted attention from across the world as a huge market.

Background of cooperation

With a desire to establish its position as an IT base in Africa as IT nation, Rwanda has pushed forward communication infrastructure improvement and IT personnel resources cultivation as well based on the government policy resulting in continuous and exponential development in urban areas such as Kigali including efforts in progress on ICT by gathered engineers with the cutting-edge technologies in Rwanda. On May this year, visiting Rwanda Republic with Kobe mayor as a part of the city’s approach to promote economic interaction and cooperation in ICT section with the country, KDL participated in a discussion with the local private organizations and corporations. In addition, on October, members of IoT Section in the Business Creation Division have visited Kigali city where IT engineers of cutting-edge technology of Rwanda gathered in order to advance a specific business development by accompanying Kobe city’s visit. When visiting Gaculiro Vocational Training Centres in Kigali city, KDL created a smartphone application prototype capable of inspecting products’ quality by reading barcodes for quality preservation during their stay, in order to guarantee high quality shipment of clothes and furniture there. After that, KDL donated the source code to the application to TCT, after they said that they wanted to use the smartphone application for practical use at their site.

On the other hand, with less spread of IT utilization in farming villages and local area which account for majority of Rwanda, there is a problem of chronic shortage of human resources capable of instructing cutting-edge technologies in business practice, even though Rwanda government has worked toward to cultivate IT human resources by its policy. With a purpose of resolving the problem above in Rwanda and business development of KDL and Rwandan companies, TCT and KDL has agreed to instruct technologies in a practical manner through practical realization of application and development in the course of regular interaction in the future.

Development in the future

Based on these approaches, KDL and TCT have determined to contribute to human resources cultivation and economic promotion in Rwanda as well as to put business development of Rwandan companies forward resulting in development later in African markets and Japanese corporations.

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About Tumba College of Technology

TCT is a public higher learning technical institution with a mandate to train highly skilled human resource relevant to the industrial and social needs.
Representative : Principal Eng. GATABAZI Pascal
Address : Tumba College of Technology P.O.BOX:6638 Rulindo, Northern Province, Rwanda
Incorporated : September, 2007
URL : http://www.tct.ac.rw/


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