Kobe Digital Labo Makes Its Debut at the “SXSW2017” in the US

Kobe Digital Labo Makes Its Debut at the “SXSW2017” in the US
Introducing the app developed exclusively for wearable devices and the brand new service “SeekAT”

Kobe, Hyogo, March YY, 2017 — Kobe Digital Labo Inc. (HQ: Chuo-ku, Kobe, Hyogo, President/CEO: Ichiro Nagayoshi, KDL hereafter) is appearing for the first time at a US trade show “SXSW2017”, planned for March 12 – 15, 2017 (local time) in Austin, Texas. KDL will be shown as one of the leading IT companies in Kobe at the “078 Kobe” booth, run by “078 Executive Committee”, the organizing body of a Kobe event of “078” planned for May 6 – 7, 2017. The booth is dedicated for the promotion of “078” event.

■what is “SXSW (South by Southwest)”?

It is the largest creative/business festival in the world of music, film and IT, held annually in Austin, Texas, USA since 1986.

This annual event attracts over 300,000 visitors of various industries from more than 100 countries, and the City of Austin is jammed day and night for 10 days. Interactive conferences and presentations (pitches) as well as exhibits on IT topics capture the attention of the world media, and innovative services like twitter, Pinterest and AirBnB are introduced to the world each year.

Also, the Trade Show for all kinds of music, films and IT services/products from all over the world is one of the highlights of this event. This four-day exhibition at Austin Convention Center, the main venue of SXSW, houses more than 500 booths, and attracts serious attention of discerning parties (investors, VC and others) and media of the world. It sure is one of the largest trade shows in the world to cause a lot of interesting chemical reaction.

■ KDL shows its app for wearable devices and other innovations

Utilizing the white hot wearable device of “SmartEyeglasses”, KDL proudly presents the “Hands-free Filming Course” and apps including “Presentation Support”. Also, “SeekAT” – the app developed by Advanced Technology Development Dept. of KDL – makes the world debut. Having “Flash the camera to start the adventure” as its concept, “SeekAT” allows the users to instinctively feels the popularity and the excitement of the places/events, based on the actual user posts to twitter and other social media.

When you visit this event, make sure to stop by at the KDL booth to experience the thrilling sensation of the app.

See HERE for the exhibitors’ information –> https://exhibitions.sxsw.com/php/2017_www_exhibitor_listing/index.php?client_id=885

■ KDL participates in the booth of the cross-media event “078 Kobe”, an event soon to be launched in Kobe

KDL participates in the promotional booth of “078”, the cross-media event organized by 078 Executive Committee (co-organized by the City of Kobe) which is to be launched on May 6 – 7. Having the objective of presenting Kobe as the advancing IT city to the world, this booth is dedicated for the demonstration and showcasing of the contents and technology of ICT firms/organizations in Kobe.

“078” is the participatory festival created by the gathering and mingling of citizens, creators and engineers who seek after the fun and comfort of urban lives. It aims to be the experimental/international consolidating point to combine the super-cultural hybrid – “music”, “films” and “fashion” that are enjoyed in cities, “IT” to accelerate the social changes, quality “culinary” culture and everything with the theme of next-gen “children”- and the actions -live performances, conferences and trade shows. Also tying up with one of the largest free rock event “COMIN’KOBE”, held annually since 2005, it aims to create the big movement to make Kobe the “choice of young generations”.


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